Don’t Fight the Health Insurance Companies

The recent poll by the AP concerning health insurance deductibles with private policies only confirms what we knew was going to happen.  People cannot afford health care even when they are insured. The trend for policies to have higher deductibles is just making the matter worse. Most of the policies being sold in the insurance exchanges are high deductible. Supposedly the consumer is at fault for picking premium price instead of level of coverage. The insurance companies are happy.

If the deductible prevents people from seeking medical care for illness and injuries or following treatment recommendations then those people are underinsured.  As Obamacare increases the number of insured by 10-15 million people it is increasing the number of underinsured by many millions more. This problem will get noticeably worse year-by-year as the people who are use to good health develop an increasing number of medical problems that require them to pay $3,000 to $6,000 even before their insurance kicks in. And, of course, if the problem lasts into the next year then the out of pocket deductible starts all over again. And, God forbid, what if two people in the family get sick. For comments by Dr. McCanne see

For my Blog: Insurance Exchanges: The Fast Food of Health Care

And  We Are All Underinsured

There is no use complaining and talking about which insurance policy to buy, etc. Don’t fight the health insurance companies. It’s only going to get worse. The solution is single payer medicine, Improved Medicare for All.

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