FDA Exit

News that Dr. Hamburg is stepping down as FDA Commissioner is just a reminder of how ineffective the FDA is as a regulatory agency.  As Jack Lewin, M.D. states, “She has understood that we need industry as a partner.” Unfortunately that seems to have been her perspective, too. However, the FDA can not be a “partner” with half its budget paid for by the pharmaceutical industry and still fulfill the regulatory function it is charged with. Approval of worthless and harmful drugs, lack of investigation of unpublished results of drug research products, absence of oversight of the conclusions, methods, and conflicts-of-interest of published studies all add up to a failed public agency that needs more than a new commissioner.  A new agency with a new mandate, infused with scientific integrity and immune from political grandstanding and industry corruption is vital for the health of our nation. For further reading…Where is the FDA?… http://wp.me/p4MwV3-5s

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